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Adjusting valve lashes on your engine just became Easier, Faster, Safer, Consistent and with Precision by using a new tool called ValveTrax®!


This is the ValveTrax Halo tool.  If you have several different sized harmonic balancers or pulleys and want to use our ValveTrax Tapes, but don't want to custom order a tape for each size, then the ValveTrax Halo tool is for you.  This tool is a ring with internal spring-loaded clamps to temporarily attach to any size harmonic balancer or pulley from 1" to 13-5/8" in diameter.  It has two different types of clamps; a set of "Inside Clamps" and a set of "Outside Clamps" so it can be attached either on the inside or the outside circumference of the harmonic balancers/pulleys as well as the crankshaft nose in case you don't have a balancer or pulley mounted, yet.  See the pictures below:




The ring part of the ValveTrax Halo tool is exactly 7" in diameter, where you can select and purchase one or more of the Engyne Packages specifically designed for this tool.  Each Engyne Package is a select Automobile Manufacturer including the "Top 4" used Firing Orders of our ValveTrax Tapes as shown in the chart below:



Once you purchase a ValveTrax Halo tool, then purchase one or more of the Engyne Packages and you are ready to go!