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Adjusting valve lashes on your engine just became Easier, Faster, Safer, Consistent and with Precision by using a new tool called ValveTrax®!

About Us

Engyne Metrics, LLC is a family owned company business in Essex, IA where once I receive your order I can design a ValveTrax Tape, manufacture it, package it, and ship it out to you the very next business day!


My name is Rick Lewis and I am the inventor of the ValveTrax Tape and I was granted a U.S. Patent in 2012 along with a registered U.S. Trademark for the ValveTrax name and a U.S. Copyright to some very complicated development software I created used to design and print the ValveTrax Tapes.  I am an Honorably Discharged U.S. Air Force veteran from the Vietnam Era and a graduate from the University of Nebraska in Electrical Engineering.  I spent the last 25+ years in the aerospace industry working for Hughes Radar Systems, Hughes Space and Communications, and finally at Boeing Electron Dynamics as a subcontractor for NASA designing and manufacturing Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers.  Now retired and using all my skills in mathematics, physics, engineering techniques, software development, and my hobby of engine hot-rodding, I devote a lot of time to manufacture the ValveTrax Tapes for the engine enthusiast/hobbyist, engine manufacturers, camshaft manufacturers, machine shops, repair shops and the rest of the engine rebuilding industry.

And, just a quick note, I have rebuilt and blueprinted many engines for my friends and myself where I initially used ValveTrax prototypes on the following vehicles which have worked out perfectly, and that's why I want everyone else to eliminate all their frustrations and enjoy confidence in making valve lash adjustments on their engines, too, not only to maximize horsepower, but to maximize gas mileage and minimizing emissions as well:

1956 Ford Truck

1964-½ Ford Mustang

1973 Dodge Challenger

1985 Chevy Camaro Z28

1991 Chevy Camaro Z28 (currently being rebuilt with a 500+ HP 383 engine)

1995 Toyota 4-Runner

1996 Chevy C4 Corvette Grand Sport (Rick's Nephew)

2007 Chevy C6 Corvette Coup (545 HP)

56ford.jpg camaro.jpg 4runner.jpg 96vette.jpg corvette.jpg


With all the graphics on my ValveTrax Tapes, I am very proud to print "Made in USA".


To give credit, the sound clip you hear is from the movie "Serenity" and the "Fire Fly" TV series.