Welcome to ValveTrax

Wouldn't it be great if you could adjust the valve lash on all those rocker arms without the engine running knowing you were right on the camshaft lobe "heels" so there wouldn't be anymore guesswork and you would have the confidence that they are adjusted accurately and quickly the very first time before you ever start the engine?  Well, you have wisely come to the right place as we have taken all the guesswork out of valve lash adjustment locations by developing a simple tool that shows you, with respect to the crankshaft rotational position, when each intake and exhaust valve lash should be adjusted. EasilyQuickly, Consistently and with Precision....our tool is called ValveTrax!

ValveTrais a flexible magnetic vinyl strip with computer generated graphics that is temporarily wrapped around the harmonic balancer or pulley or whatever is directly or indirectly connected to the crankshaft of your engine.  With your engine not running, you manually rotate the crankshaft and stop with the engine pointer at the computer graphical points on the ValveTrax tool that shows you exactly when to adjust each and all the valve lashes for every cylinder.....specifically!  See the picture above for 3 examples.

Our ValveTrax designs are made for any engine that has a valve train with a harmonic balancer, pulley or a disc attached directly or indirectly to the crankshaft, between 3 and 28 cylinders, clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, with any crankshaft offset, with any reduction ratio, and with any size diameter harmonic balancer or pulley/disc up to 17.75" (Need it larger? Let us know and we'll make it at no extra cost!).  It can be used on gasoline, diesel, natural gas, automotive, farm, marine, industrial and aircraft engines; whether they are In-Line, V-Shaped, Horizontally-Opposed, or Radial type engines it doesn’t matter as we have over 100 common designs in stock or we can custom design a ValveTrax tool to make your effort in valve lash adjustments....

Easy, Quick, Consistent and with Precision.........PERIOD!

Obviously, you can see that using our ValveTrax tool to assist in adjusting all the valve lashes will not only maximize your engines’ efficiency on fuel consumption (gas mileage), but will also allow you to maximize its horsepower potential.....everyone wants that!  We carry a small inventory of designs for the most common engines however, once you place an order we are able to create ANY design, manufacture it and ship it the very next business day!

Check out our Designs page to see some examples!